CHW/Promotora Certification Course Overview

CHW/Promotora Certification Course Overview

Course Information

The National CHW Training Center offers 24-week CHW certification courses on a twice yearly schedule:
March – August and September – February.

CHW certification courses can be delivered on a custom schedule or in Spanish upon request.

  • Every CHW course is 160 total hours and covers eight competencies: Communication, Teaching, Interpersonal Skills, Service Coordination, Capacity Building, Advocacy, Organization, and Knowledge Base.
  • Each of the eight competencies is composed of 20 contact hours.
  • The approximate breakdown of hours for EACH competency (totaling the 160 contact hours):
    • Class sessions: 7.5 hours
    • Homework: 5 hours
    • Hands on experience: 7.5 hours

Please click here for a PDF of the Course Structure.

Course Format
  • The standard CHW course is a hybrid online + self-study course
  • The direct link to the course website for students is:
  • During registration, students create a username and password that allows them to access course materials and the link to the online class sessions.
Course Cost: $750

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