CHW/Promotora Certification Course Overview

CHW/Promotora Certification Course Overview

Course Format: 
  • The standard Community Health Worker (CHW) course is a hybrid online + self-study course.
  • The direct link to the course website for trainees will be hosted on Canvas (online trainee platform).
Course Cost:

The CHW Certification Course is $750/per trainee enrolled. To see course prices and payment options, see the following link:

Course Information:

The National CHW Training Center offers the CHW Certification Course.

Next course offer: September 13, 2021 – December 6, 2021 (Fall 2021 Cohort), as a 12 week course. This course will be taught in English.

The CHW course is 160 total hours and covers eight competencies: Communication, Teaching, Interpersonal Skills, Service Coordination, Capacity Building, Advocacy, Organization, and Knowledge Base.

  • Each of the eight competencies is composed of 20 contact hours.
  • The approximate breakdown of hours for EACH competency (totaling the 160 contact hours):
    • Class sessions (live and pre-recorded) and activities: 7.5 hours
    • Homework: 5 hours
    • Hands on experience: 7.5 hours

Note: there are no pre-requirements to become our student, but in Texas for CHW certification with the state, applicants must be a Texas resident and 16 + y/o:

Trainee Information for September 13, 2021 – December 6, 2021 (Fall 2021 Cohort):
      • The CHW course is an online course taught on ZOOM and Canvas.
      • Instruction will be in English.
      • Trainees can watch the course pre-recorded videos, attend live Zoom sessions, and complete Canvas assignments.
      • The following eight CHW core competencies must be completed in order:
              1. Communication Skills
              2. Interpersonal Skills
              3. Service Coordination Skills
              4. Capacity Building Skills
              5. Advocacy Skills
              6. Teaching Skills
              7. Organization Skills
              8. Knowledge Base Skills

Your first task as a trainee is to attend our first live ZOOM session on September 13, 2021 from 5:30PM-6:30PM (Central Time).

Homework assignments will be due on various dates (see file below). Also, you will have until December 3, 2021 the service log (i.e., 60 hrs. of hands-on-experience). The course will go by fast, so it’s recommended you complete core competency assignments at a weekly pace!

It will pay off in the end as we celebrate trainee graduation on December 6, 2021 from 5:30PM – 6:30PM (Central Time).

The Fall 2021 calendar: CHW Certification Course Calendar_ Fall 2021

Use the following form to become part of the Fall 2021 Cohort:

CHW Certification Course: Fall 2021 (Sept. 13, 2021 - Dec. 6, 2021)