Course Competency Outline

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Hands-On Experience

Why is there requirement for out-of-class, hands-on hours in the CHW certification course?

The out of class portion of the course is designed so that students apply the skills and competencies covered in class. These hours are intended to supplement the content covered in class and to allow students to get some hands on experience with each of the eight core competencies.

What are some examples of out-of-class, hands-on hours?

In the past, students have fulfilled their hours in a variety of ways. Examples include:
  • by volunteering with a health or social service organization,
  • by shadowing a CHW or health educator,
  • by serving in a community center or house of worship or school,
  • by participating in community outreach or mobilization events, and
  • by deliberately, intentionally practicing the new skills in their existing jobs (remote or in-person) or families.